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Welcome to the wonderful world of floating


Floating is a practice where you enter into a  tank (also called an isolation tank or sensory deprivation tank) which is an enclosed tub filled with 10″ of water that has 800 lbs. of dissolved Epsom salts in it. The density of the salt solution removes approximately 80% of the gravity usually affecting the body. You lie down in the water and float effortlessly - completely buoyant! The water is heated to the same temperature as the surface of your skin, approximately 93 degrees, so that when the water settles and you remain relaxed and still, you do not feel the water. The tank is without light, sound-proof and has a neutral smell.


All forces of gravity on the musculoskeletal system and nervous system are eliminated from the extreme buoyancy; so imagine a space where you don’t feel, see or hear anything. The tank’s extremely unique environment is designed to minimize the amount of sensory input; directly affecting your nervous system. This environment then has so many benefits and applications for health, personal development, spirituality, and well-being.

Relaxation and Meditation

Most floaters enjoy the tank for the ease that they can reach deep levels of relaxation. Part of this is due to the increased Theta brain waves that are activated with deep relaxation - these are the same brain waves found when a practioner is in deep meditation, or in REM sleep. This is a profoundly healing place for your brain and body to reside. 

While you feel like you're lightly napping your body is actually working to heal and rest.

Pain Relief
Pregnancy Support

An often recommended supplement in pregnancy, magnesium, is key in promoting a comfortable, healthy pregnancy. Soaking in Epsom salt solution is a wonderful way to help lower blood pressure, relax muscles and lower overall stress.

There is also the added benefit of connecting with your baby - some women can even hear the baby's heart beating. Enter a womb like tank and connect with your little one on a deeper level. 

Immune System and Healing

Take the gravity off your joints, muscles and skeletal system and see the benefit of floating for pain relief. The deep state of relaxation you enter releases endorphins which are the body's natural pain relievers and the improved circulation helps bring oxygen and nutrients to heal nagging injuries. 

Common ailments that floating can help include: Hypertension, Arthritis and Insomnia, Spinal Alignment, Structural Alignment, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Migraine or Tension Headaches, Autism, Jet Lag, Addiction, PMS, Scoliosis, Pregnancy Discomforts and so much more!

Both the magnesium and the relaxation help relax muscles - most importantly your heart! Float tanks have been proven to help lower blood pressure, pulse and heart rate. When your body isn't working so hard at basic functions, it can put more energy towards healing and immune support. Lowered levels of stress and stress relief techniques such as floating have been shown to help with ailments such as Hypertension, Coronary Heart Disease, Ulcers, Migraine or Tension Headaches, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis, Fertility Issues, Temporomandibular Syndrome (TMJ) Trichotillomania, PTSD as well as Enhance Creativity, Weightloss, Hemisperic Brainwave Synchronicity, Improved physical and injury recovery and more. The magnesium in the tank can also help improve insulin use and regulate electrolytes. 


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